Unusual vintage Star Wars Cards and Stickers - I do not have most of these,
all images are from ebay or friends if I do not have them.

I have the cards/stickers with red borders

- Argentina - Australia - Costa Rica - France - Germany -
- Holland - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Spain - UK - USA -

Argentinean Return of the Jedi wrapper

Argentinean Star Wars cards and wrapper

Australian KROTEX Return of the Jedi "May the Force be with you" sticker

Australian New South Wales Building Society stickers, there is also a poster - 1983

Australian Break fruit drink by Sunburst Regency Ewok Adventure poster and stickers

Australian 'cards' made by sticking wrapping paper to cardboard!

many thanks to Marcus Saunders for the image of the wrapping paper

Costa Rica pack of SW stickers

French embossed cards by Papou et Palmito (biscuits) set of 15 (1980)

Many thanks to Steve, Stephane & Michael for the images

French Motta ice cream stickers 1980

French Ewoks packet, album and 240 stickers from International Team - 1987

French 'Mecanno' stickers

German stickers, the large sticker is approx 10" square

German Star Wars SWFA Member plastic card

Irish Initial ESB sticker wrapper

These contained six stickers

Italian Painini sticker wrapper

Here's some Japanese stickers, I know nothing more about them !

This is a vintage Japanese Coca-Cola promo sticker sheet, given away, not sold

These were inserted in a magazine called Roadshow in 1979, it's approx 7"x10"

These vintage cards are called 'Menko', they are a kids game like backgammon,
they were most likely given away as a magazine insert in 1977 and are not an official product
Lots of
info on Menko cards from Paul Holstein.

The images and info are from my friends Mark and Shiho Strain

Here's another three Menko cards from another series, know of any more ?

Japanese Polydor/RSO Records giveaway foiled sticker sheet to promote ESB record - approx A4 size

Dutch boot-leg vending machine sticker set

Star Wars Dutch school stickers

Spanish Chicle gum wrappers, set of 32 - Thanks to my friend Paul for the image

There's lots more info at www.starwarsspanishstuff.info

Spanish Droids and Ewoks cards, stickers and albums - 1986 - I have both albums and some cards


UK Star Wars stickers by "Fascal"

UK Return of the Jedi stickers

UK Debenham's promo card

UK Battle for Endor sticker sheet (1990)

UK Stickers from Odeon Cinemas

US Exhibit Supply boot-leg cards

Thanks to Daniel for the images

US Intergalactic Passport stickers

US Thermos flask sticker

USA Star Wars Bootleg vending stickers

USA Star Wars bootleg vending stickers

USA Star Wars 1977 vending promo foil sticker

USA Texas Instruments watch stickers

USA 1993 ROTJ Darth Vader foil sticker

USA Star Wars 'The First Ten Years' sticker

USA 1977 Star Wars lunchkit/lunchbox and sticker sheet by King Seeley Thermos - SWCA
I don't have an un-cut sheet

USA 1977 Star Wars Lunchbox / lunchkit stickers by King-Seeley Thermos Co
Also a Dukes of Hazzard version

USA 1977 Star Wars Business card set

USA 1977 Star Wars stickers by Factors Inc, also sold in the UK by Magic Products of Norfolk

USA cards from the vintage board game 'Escape from the Death Star'

USA Star Tours hologram sticker sheet

USA Organ donation card

USA Runnin' Bare cards by QSL - Thanks to David for the scan

There's more images here

USA Sticker sheet from the Early Bird figure set

USA 1983 Star Wars Oral B Dental Membership Card

USA Fan-made cards

Any ideas what these (probably US) boot-leg cards are ?

I have the cards/stickers with red borders

If you have any of the above cards and stickers that I don't have
or any more unusual Star Wars cards or stickers please

Many thanks to my friend David Polis for providing images and identifying a lot of these cards and stickers.

Vintage Star Wars card games cane be found here

New images not yet added, are shown here, they might even get added one day !