Vintage Star Wars Transfer sheets

These came in boxes of Nabisco Shreddies in the UK

The images are from my friend Andy


The above images are from ebay

UK Star Wars transfer sheets by Letraset - (1977/78) set of 10

#1 - Kidnap Of Princess Leia

#2 Sale On Tatooine (Want sheet)

#3 - Action At Mos Eisley (Want set)

#4 Escape From Stormtroopers (Want sheet)

#5 Flight To Alderaan

#6 Inside The Death Star

#7 Prison Break Out

#8 Death Star Escape

#9 Rebel Air Base (Want sheet)

#10 Last Battle

Many thanks to Steve Hills for some of the above images

Here are images from ebay of the large sets

Part 1 - Battle At Mos Eisley

Part 2 - Escape From The Death Star

Part 3 - Rebel Air Attack

I'm not sure which set this is from, do you know ?
It looks like another version for Part 2 - 'Escape From The Death Star'

If you have any more of these please

I don't have many of these, the images and info are from my friend Darren Simpson of Star Zone Toys

These came as part of a mail-away promotion with Wall's Sausages

I have all the above single transfers, the strip of twelve and the letter

There is also these strips of three which I don't have, they are from the Letraset "Space Writing" set

These are from KRAFT Dairylea, one shows Star Wars characters, the others from ESB.
the images are from my friends Mark, Phil & Paul, I have the four small transfer sheets

Here's some of the transfers applied to scenes which have also been coloured, thanks to Mark Howard for the images

UK Kraft Dairylea ESB Bumper Transfer Pack, thanks to Mark Howard for the images

UK Kraft Dairylea ESB shop display, thanks to Darren Simpson of StarZoneToys for the image

Images of the Droids & Ewoks cheese labels are here

USA Presto Magix The Empire Strikes Back 1980

#1 Ice Planet Hoth

#2 Rebel Base

#3 Deck of the Star Deatroyer

#4 Asteroid Storm

#5 Dagobah Bog Planet

#6 Cloud City Battle

#7 Beneath Cloud City

Activity Set - want ?

USA Presto Magix Return of the Jedi transfers 1983

Ewok Village

Death Star

Sarlacc Pit

The Jabba The Hutt Throne Room Scene

Battle On Endor Box Set - have

The Jabba The Hutt Throne Room Box Set - have

Ewoks At Home Set - want?

Canadian Return of the Jedi Action Transfers, 1983

Jabba The Hutt

The Ewoks

Sarlacc Pit - have

Ewok Village - have

Here's some very cute Ewoks transfers, the images are from my friend Mark Howard,

They are from these UK mags, thanks again to Mark for the images

French Jesco Ewoks Transfers (set of 7) - 1985 The above stickers look to have been origianlly from France,
SWCA for more images

Vintage UK Wimpy transfers

Non-SW Letraset transfer sets

Letraset Battlestar Galactica transfers, 3 of 4

There's lots more SW and non-SW images and info at www.action-transfers.com