Japanese mini-puzzles cards by Takara Inc. (1978) set of 40 Cards

Logo and wrapper

Puzzle and box

The Takara cards came in small white envelopes inside Takara Star Wars puzzles. There were eight different 108-pieces puzzles, and each stapled envelope held five cards (each about 2 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches). But there weren't necessarily different cards in each different puzzle--sometimes they were the same five you had gotten in another puzzle box. At least the cards were always together in numerical order in batches of five, so that made it a little easier. Each box also held a much large black card (about 4x6 inches) with the SW logo in white. All the cards have Japanese writing on the back and the numbers, but no art.

Thanks to my friend Steve for the images and info

I have #s 6-10, 21-25 & 26-30

If you have any of these please