Star Wars USA Topps Galactic Files card images

These images have been taken from www.ebay.com & www.topps.com

Promos P1-P3 & C1-C3

Die-Cut Tryptic Puzzle Cards (1:3)

Bonus cards from blister packs

Clear Animation Cel cards (1:6) (Retail Exclusive)

Magnet cards (1:8) (Retail Exclusive)

Blue & Red Foil-Stamped Parallels (1:12) & (1:24)

Sequentially-Numbered Gold Foil-Stamped Parallels (1:287)

Vintage foil-stamped box toppers

Sketch Cards (Hobby Exclusive)

See Keith's page for a sketch variation checklist

Authentic Autographs (Hobby Exclusive)

Harrison Ford signed 10 cards (1:49,200).

Carrie Fisher & Anthony Daniels signed 75 cards (1:6,560).

Petter Mayhew & David Prowse signed 100 cards (1:4,920).

Colin Higgins & George Roubichek signed 300 cards (1:1,640).

Joe Viskocil, John Mollo, Ken Ralston, Lorne Peterson, Richard Edlund, Phil Tippet, Jon Berg, Norman Reynolds, John Dykstra & Gary Kurtz signed 400 cards (1:1,230)

John Williams signed 624 cards (1:788).

Rusty Goffe signed 769 cards (1:640).

Paul Blake, Garrick Hagon, Maria deAragon, Richard LeParmentier, Christine Hewett & Kenny Baker signed 1000 cards (1:492).

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