Star Wars Mexican Bondy Fiesta gum Stickers - (2010) set of 60

Thanks to Emilio I'm just missing this one

Star Wars Mexican "Plastic Egg Surprise" items (2011)

Each egg came with 1 sucker, 1 sticker, 1 medallion, 12 games pieces (Memory cards)

Stickers (Set of 24)

Memory Game (Set of 20)

Medallions (Set of 12)

Tattoos from Bondy Fiesta 'Chi-Lim' chili powder, (Set of 36)

Many thanks to Daniel 'obi-dan' Skowronski, Steve Sansweet , Emilio Lopez, Aaron Slagle, John 'star_l-o-l_wars' Polidore, Duncan Jenkins, Todd Charlton and Eric Trejo Cardoso for the images

These sets are un-numbered set so the numbers are unofficial, but hopefully useful

If you have images of any more of these please