UK Jedi Academy discs from a short-lived DeAgostini kids SW magazine (4 issues)


Backing card from issue #1, there were only four issues

Fronts and backs of issue #s 1, 3 & 4 - the back of #2 will be added when Mark finds it!

Storage tube and subscription info

Aliens (green discs) 1-67
Droids (yellow discs) 1-23
Humans (blue discs) 1-54
Vehicles (purple discs) 1-87
Weapons (red discs) 1-24
Dark side villains (silver discs) 1-12
Light side heroes (gold discs) 1-12
Boosters 1-9
Wolf Clan * 1-5
Jokers 1-5
The Force 1-2
Grand total 300
* Wolf Clan are the characters in the magazine, a group of 5 padawans)

Thanks to Mark Howard for the images and some discs
If you have any of these please

There's a bit more info here and images here