Bootleg vintage Greek Star Wars Cards by OLYMPIADA - set of 200 (1980)

Portrait cards

Landscape cards

Please see here for all the cards in numerical order and listing the prizes

Box and cards

The front of the wrapper says: "Star Wars 5 cards with stories from space"
The back of the wrapper and some translations

The back of #121 has a lot of text

It says ...
Space pictures - "The chased"
The main character Luke Sky-walker captures the sense of adventure and fear of the writer. Through Luke, Lucas flew huge spaceships, he fought the bad guys and saved the whole world. Through the sensitive interpretation of Mark Hamill the adventures of Luke became alive for millions of children with good imagination.

These are redemption cards

They say ...
Star Wars Prize Receipt Give this receipt and the cards from 1 to 180 to the store where you bought them and they will give you your prize
OLYMPIADA Tel: 201-7524

There are redemption cards for #s 20. 50, 80, 100, 150, 180 & 200
I have #s 20 & 50, they are not the same as card #s 20 & 50 etc

This is a winning card but I don't know which prize it won - Thanks to David for the pics

Google translates the text as WIN A KEYWORD, which seems a bit odd !

Some more winner cards with packets

All the translations were very kindly provided by my friends Yannis Korfiatis, Stavros Skarlatos, Alex Paraskevaides & Christina Kapitsalas

These are all cards I do not have; all the scans below were very kindly provided by
Drummond Grieve, Steve, Greg, Cathy and a few from www.ebay.com

If you have any of these please

These are all the prize winning cards, the text says "Formal Information"

Many thanks to Dee for the image of #120

This lists all the prizes - thanks for Mark Bene for this image, the right-hand image has some of the translations

My friend Elena translated a lot of the advert; many, many thanks to her!
By completing this series of numbers you get free prizes
You can all participate and receive prizes for free
1-20 Wins a key-ring
1-50 Wins a Chinese lantern
1-80 Wins a View-master
1-100 Wins a leather football
1-120 Wins a radio
1-150 Wins a hairdryer
1-180 Wins a wrist watch
1-200 Wins a bicycle
Prizes from this game which you can request immediately
1 Flippers
2 Diving mask
3 Raquets
4 Childrens life preserver
5 Thermos flask
6 Volley ball
7 Plastic pistol
8 Wallet
9 Aeroplane
'Dear friends, the enterprise 'OLYMPIADA' offers you many prizes gifts, which you can receive
by completing the series of numbers for your representatives.
ATTENTION: If you have completed the series of numbers and you don't know the representative of your area,
please ask your RETAILER, which will tell you who is, in order for you to receive your gift, also the RETAILER will show you the gifts we have sent.
All gifts are offered by 'OLYMPIADA' Each envelope: 5 drachmas (1.703,75 euros now)
Tel: 0030210-201-7524 Five different cards

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