Star Wars 'Fan Made' items

US Business cards - unknown maker - late 70s/early 80s

Australian 'cards' made by sticking wrapping paper to cardboard! - 1977

many thanks to Marcus Saunders for the image of the wrapping paper

UK Touch Tees - Very cute Stickers & and transfers from daveevansillustration.com - 2011

Vinyl stickers

Iron on t-shirt transfers

UK Farrer - 162 LEGO mini-fig cards - 2010

US 'Hello Wars' (A Hello Kitty + Star Wars 'mash-up) stickers 2011

More info at www.hellowars.com, www.twitter.com, www.facebook.com & www.flickr.com.

UK What I want for Xmas cards by Dinosaur Joe - (2003) set of 6
Images are

While not strictly cards, these images are cute, they are from www.myspace.com/ginger_jedi

UK Robots and Cyborgs 'fan-made' Battle Game, probably 2004 or later (I, Robot)

There's more information and an image of all the cards on www.ultimate-top-trumps.co.uk,
they were made by Alex Frith, does anyone know him ? Please contact me if you do.

These images are from www.anakinworld.com/ 2011

If PIXAR did Star Wars ... Virtual Cards by Phil Postman, from minionfactory.blogspot.co.uk - 2013

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

Jason Chalker Manly Art May The Fourth cards - 2012

Widevision Attack of the Clones 'printed' cards - 2002?

German stickers - 20??

Adidas Stickers - 2012

Most of these images are from www.ebay.com

If you know of any more like these please