USA Disney Star Wars Fantacular cards - 2014

Starter pack cards D01-D09

Booster pack cards D10-D18

Super pack cards D19-D27



ALL cast members (the folks who work in the Disney stores) who attended special SW briefings got the binder and two packs of 9 cards each, the E4 Starter set and the E4 Booster set. All the wrappers are foil, no printing anywhere except the front. (BTW, the set is VERY thin cardstock, more like a Hallmark greeting card.)

Then for three weeks there was an in-store trivia contest for the employees. People who "passed" got the following three-card packs, one a week: Super Set 1: Weapons; Super Set 2:Vehicles; Super Set 3: Places. These 9 cards use silver metallic ink on the front, which scans mostly as black. The cards are numbered D01 to D27.

Many thanks to Daniel Skowronski and Mark & James of www.jedinews.co.uk