The 501st Legion cards

The 501st Legion 'Droid Hunt' cards

'Jedi Mind Trick' card, I don't have this, the images is of the repro' from Steve Sansweet's 'The Vault'

Star Wars Celebration IV & Celebration Europe Droid Hunt promos

Star Wars Celebration V 501st Legion bookmarks

Temporaty tattoos - these image as been mirrored to show the text

Hong Kong Shadow Outpost promo sticker

501st member cards

From the 501st figure of TK-1138 Rav Deeves

Here a few more images from www.ebay.com

Series 1 (1-100) Honoury Members, these images are from Scott's pages

Series 2 (101-150) Honoury Members

Series 3 (151-200) Honoury Members

Series 4 (201-250) Honoury Members

Series 5 (251-300) Honoury Members

Series 6 (301-350) Honoury Members

For more info and images see SWTC & Scott's pages

If you have any more of these please